Our team of seasoned advisors can help you with everything from investments and appraisals, to consulting and project management.

Real Estate

& Consultancy

& Project

Real Estate Investments

Increasingly investors are turning to real estate as a secure way to manage their assets. At Real Estate 360, we make well researched, carefully thought out decisions on how to make wise real estate investments in keeping with our clients’ investment goals. Our expertise in evaluating real estate markets means knowing where to invest, in what type of property, and how to balance your real estate portfolio to ensure a strong consistent return on investments.

Real Estate 360 works with pension funds, public corporations and private sector investors on real estate portfolios ranging from office and apartment buildings to commercial retail and industrial properties.

We can help you invest in the right properties at the right time and can professionally manage those properties for you to ensure financial success for years to come.

Appraisal & Consultancy

Real Estate 360 has a wide array of experience in providing appraisal and consultancy real estate services to clients in North America.

  • Injurious Affection & Disturbance Analysis
  • Litigation Advisory Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Testimony
  • Acquisition and Negotiation Services
  • Site Selections
  • Market Intelligence
  • Highest and Best Use Studies
  • Feasibility Studies

“Renovating office space can be taxing, but with Real Estate 360, we had the exact opposite experience. Their team helped us approach our project with ease, quashing what could have been a stressful burden.”

– Lead Generation & Sales Support, Remsoft Inc.

    Development & Project Management

    Real Estate 360 offers independent Project Management as a cost-effective third-party alternative. We coordinate and supervise your capital projects, tenant renovations, or turnkey buildouts – everything from refreshing a space to a complete rebuild. We can assist at every step; project conception and planning, launch and execution, performance, cost control, and project closing.

    With over thirty years of industry experience, Real Estate 360 assists to transform your space into your vision. We work with a collaborative approach involving your team and all stakeholders to ensure your objectives are met on time and on budget. With over 400 vendors in our database, we can direct-source without mark ups or referral fees, creating significant savings for our clients. Real Estate 360 has dedicated consultants to aid in your project requirements – from cost efficiency at the design phase, to mitigating risk throughout the project, ensuring your project is on time and on budget.


    Schedule & Cost Control

    • Overall plan, including Critical Path
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, and phased rollout
    • Report, analysis, monitoring, implementation and documentation

    Cost Control

    • Procurement and delivery of material and equipment
    • Hours by contractors

    Quality Control

    • Specifications and standards
    • Workmanship
    • Testing procedures
    • Seamless handover
    • Liability issues

    Safety and Security

    • OH&S and WCB along with safe, and secure management on site

    Multi-Residential and Condo Projects

    • Access and living
    • Safety for residents and visitors
    • Dust and noise control
    • Disruption of service or inconvenience to homeowners and visitors