Real Estate 360’s Theresa Salsman published in REIC Exchange Magazine

May 25, 2018

Originally published in REIC Exchange, April 2018 Issue:

Nova Scotia Chapter Celebrates New Members
By Theresa Salsman, CPM® ARM®, NS Chapter Past President and National Board Director l Board Director

The Nova Scotia Chapter continues to grow with the induction of 3 new members! Congratulations to new FRis Jodi Gosse, Charlotte Hansen and Robert Scanlon who received their certificates at our Lunch and Learn event on March 21st – the last Lunch and Learn event for the term of our current Board.

We hosted 52 members and guests at Brightwood Golf and Country Club to learn about the changes to our Nova Scotia Tenancies Act from our guest speakers Katherine Willyard and Teddy Comeau, lawyers with Mcinnes Cooper.

Less than 24 hours prior to the registration time for our event, something came over me and I sent an email to our Chapter President suggesting that we do a Facebook Live event for the presentations to our new members. He (somewhat reluctantly) agreed, though he did mention something about being scared … what could possibly go wrong?

The morning of the event, I emailed Britny at the REIC National office asking for her thoughts on how to best pull this off. I also emailed our board asking for someone to bring a tripod! Two hours later, we had a cool graphic that Brit whipped up for us along with some tips and tricks for the live event. Another board member supplied a tripod – which we soon realized wasn’t designed for an iPhone! Being resourceful members, we taped a selfie stick to it and proceeded to set up for the presentation. This is when I realized that I had absolutely no idea how to start a Facebook Live event and our techie Chapter Administrator was busy with registration! With the presentation about to begin, I’m thinking one of the people in this room must have used Facebook for this purpose! I started to circle the room, asking around, and was introduced to an attendee who gives presentations on social media … what are the chances? Chris had us ready to go in no time, and the live presentation went off without a hitch! Well, mostly … our camera could have been positioned a bit better … live and learn.

So, what did we learn from this? To rely on our National Staff who are always willing to help (even on short notice), that networking will help you find the skills you need no matter what they may be, and to ALWAYS be open to new ideas!