Shake Off the Chilly Weather: Essential Summer Property Maintenance Tips for Homes, Commercial, and Condominium Properties

May 27, 2024

As we shake off the chilly weather and embrace the warmth of summer, it’s the perfect time to tackle those maintenance tasks that keep your property in top shape. Regular summer maintenance not only enhances your property’s beauty and functionality but also helps you enjoy the season worry-free. Here are some practical tips to help you maintain your home, commercial, or condominium property during the sunny months:

For All Property Types

1. Inspect and Clean Gutters

Summer storms can bring heavy rain. Ensure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris to prevent water damage, whether for a single-family home, commercial building, or condominium complex.

2. HVAC System Care

Keep indoor spaces cool and your energy bills low by changing air filters every 1-3 months. Schedule a professional inspection to ensure your system is running efficiently. This is crucial for both residential and commercial properties where consistent climate control is essential.

3. Roof Check-Up

Inspect your roof for damaged or missing shingles. Summer is a great time for roof repairs or replacements, ensuring your property is protected year-round.

4. Window and Door Maintenance

Check seals and caulking around windows and doors. Replace any damaged weather-stripping to improve energy efficiency and keep cool air inside.

For Residential Properties

5. Outdoor Space Upkeep

Maintain your yard by mowing the lawn, trimming trees and bushes, and removing any dead plants. Regularly water your garden early in the morning to avoid evaporation.

6. Deck and Patio Care

Clean and inspect your deck or patio for any signs of wear or damage. Reseal wooden decks to protect against summer sun and rain.

For Commercial Properties

7. Common Area Maintenance

Ensure all common areas such as lobbies, hallways, and restrooms are clean and well-maintained. This includes checking lighting, flooring, and signage for any needed repairs.

8. Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Keep the exterior of your commercial property inviting with regular landscaping, including trimming, weeding, and seasonal plantings. This can make a positive impression on clients and customers.

For Condominium Properties

9. Shared Facilities Management

Regularly inspect and maintain shared facilities such as gyms, pools, and community rooms. Ensure all equipment is in good working order and that the spaces are clean and welcoming.

10. Pest Control

Summer brings more pests. Inspect the property’s exterior for cracks and seal them to keep bugs out. Consider setting up traps or hiring a pest control service to manage common areas and individual units.

Safety Checks for All Properties

11. Safety Checks

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure all outdoor lighting and security systems are functional, providing safety during those late summer nights.

Let Real Estate 360 Handle Your Summer Maintenance

At Real Estate 360, we understand that summer maintenance can be overwhelming for homeowners, commercial property managers, and condominium associations. Our comprehensive property management services can take care of many of these tasks for you, ensuring your property stays in perfect condition without the hassle. From HVAC inspections and gutter cleaning to pest control and yard maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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Stay proactive and make the most of your summer with a well-maintained property!